Frameless vs Framed Shower Screens

At J & J Glass and Aluminium, we measure, manufacture and install new fully-framed and frameless shower screens.

At J & J Glass and Aluminium, we measure, manufacture and install new fully-framed and frameless shower screens, tailored to suit your bathroom. With this type of screen, you can decide between a wide range of configuration options, and we offer a choice between mitred or smooth, polished edges. Our team will also assist you in shopping for quality shower screens that match your space’s aesthetics and personal preferences. If you are satisfied with the information in the quote, we’ll provide you with a complete installation service that involves the custom manufacturing of your screens’ glass panels and frames.  Contact our team at J & J Glass and Aluminium and take a look at the range of quality products we offer.


Frameless Shower Screens


Frameless shower screens improve the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. The unobstructed view of tiles, open and airy ambience, and a little collection of dirt and mould are shifting the trend favouring this variant. There are several differences between the framed and frameless variants. The final choice however depends on your budget and your personal preference.

Frameless shower screens are built from a toughened glass compared to others. These shower screens don’t require any frame and are held by robust metal brackets available in a variety of finishes. Silicone caulking is also used to eliminate water leaks.

The price of frameless shower screens depends on various factors, such as:

  • The total amount of glass required
  • Type of glass (standard clear / low-iron / patterned)
  • Hardware finish
  • Access and job complexity
  • Inclusion of a header 
  • Upgrades that include specialty hardware, protective nano glass coating, and other customisations

Frameless shower screens are used in bathrooms to give them a nice, pleasant, and luxurious look. J & J Glass and Aluminium make the process simple from booking your obligation free measure and quote through to a professionally installed finished product. Speak to one of our helpful staff regarding your fully-framed glass shower screens today.


Benefits of Using Frameless Shower Screens



Styles – Frameless shower doors are available in plenty of designs as they provide several styles, sizes, and configurations.

Easy to maintain – Frameless shower doors are more comfortable to maintain and clean. No frame collects debris and promotes the growth of mould due to moisture. 

Modern and Spacious Look – They greatly influence the look of our bathrooms. The design provides an airy and open ambience which further gives a spacious look to your bathroom.

Better Range Of Motion – Opening the door in the outward or inward direction. This provides a better range of motion and ease of use.

Durable – 10mm glass panels are more durable because they undergo a special treatment that makes them stronger. After completion of the treatment, the glass becomes shatter-resistant, making it long-lasting. 



Framed Shower Screens 


Framed shower screens are shower screens where the interior glass panels are enclosed by a frame. With the modern designs and colours available today, framed shower screens can be a suitable addition to any bathroom; whether brand new, renovated or existing. Framed shower screens have their advantages and disadvantages, making it pertinent that you thoroughly research before you make your decision. It can be incredibly overwhelming to determine which is the most suitable shower for your family’s needs. At J & J Glass and Aluminium, we offer fully-framed screen products that consist of laminated safety glass, 5 mm, or 10mm toughened glass. All panels in this type of screen, including the shower doors, have an individual frame. The glass frames contribute significantly to the stability of the screen and prevent water spills and leaks in the bathroom. 



Benefits of Using Framed Shower Screens


  • Functionally framed shower screens are a good option as they do not leak and all components fit together without any spaces
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Mitred corners that come to a nice finish and have no need for plastic caps which often fall off during cleaning and deteriorate over time
  • They are incredibly sturdy and strong; internal corner blocks add further strength
  • Laminated glass is the glass type used which makes an A grade safety glass.



Difference Between Framed and Frameless Shower Screens



There are several style options available in both the variants. However, frameless screens are the popular shower screen to choose from. The most popular design in the framed screen is the sliding screen, where the door slides in a track. This particular design is not available in the frameless variant. With frameless screens, you can also go for the two-door design that hinges in the outward direction. Apart from that, you can opt for several other variations that pivot and swing in a particular direction.  With the frameless variant, you get more glass to customise the design and style even more. Framed doors come with large metal edges, so they depict a more traditional design. On the other hand, if you are going for a more modern look, you should opt for the frameless variant.




The core difference between both styles is the thickness of the glass sheet. Framed doors use a thin glass sheet and an aluminium frame which stops it from bowing. Framed shower screen comes in different colours. A relatively thicker glass is used in the frameless style. All the hinges, handles, and other elements are attached to the glass by clamping on.  The shower screen door incorporates a rubber sweep at the bottom to prevent the water from flowing out.




When it comes to installation, a frameless screen requires a lot more precision. All glass should be measured and cut to size, allowing for imperfect floors and walls. Care needs to be taken during handling and installation, as the edges are exposed. Moreover, all gaps must be caulked with silicone to prevent leaks. Framed doors require a less labour-intensive installation. The glass panel is thin and light, and the aluminium frame makes it easy to install anywhere. 



Overall Maintenance

Framed doors work on track. This track is susceptible to the collection of water, mould, and mildew. This makes the cleaning process quite challenging. Also, after some time, the frame gets water spots that require regular and extensive cleaning. With the frameless style, the problem of water spots and mildew is removed. All you need to do is clean the glass panel!



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