Glass Repair in Auburn

J & J Glass and Aluminium offers emergency glass repairs in Auburn. For all your damaged glass needs, call the expert glaziers near you!

J & J Glass and Aluminium provides Glass Repairs in Auburn!

J & J Glass and Aluminium offers emergency glass repairs in Auburn. For all your damaged glass needs, call the expert glass glaziers near you!

We have the understanding that finding reliable glass solutions in Auburn can be difficult. Our expert glaziers make this easy, by offering an efficient, professional and effective service for all your damaged and broken glass concerns. We are the experts in glass repair and replacement near you!

J & J Glass and Aluminium is the leading glazing company in Auburn. We always offer innovative glass solutions to our clients, and we make certain that the results are designed to suit their individual situations and requirements.

Trying to deal with broken glass can be extremely dangerous! If you are in need of an emergency glass repair service in Auburn, let J & J Glass and Aluminium handle it with our expertise and professionalism.

We hold the solutions for all glass emergencies – from window and door installations to glass repair and replacement. Contact us now at 0414 448 315.

What to do if my glass windows break in Auburn?

It’s can be a huge shock when your glass doors or windows break. It’s never an expected occurrence and it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have small children or pets in the area in which the glass breaks. Not only is it inconvenient but it is a major danger to your safety, and it can limit the security of your home. For your own peace of mind and to make the process of fixing broken glass as seamless as possible, follow these four steps for your emergency glass repair and replacement in Auburn.

  1. Clear the Glass – How safe and easy this is will depend on the type of glass you have in your windows. If your home was constructed prior to 1989 then it is likely that you have ‘float’ glass in your windows and doors. This type of glass is the most dangerous when breaking, and will break into sharp and highly dangerous shards.When trying to clean float glass you should wear protective gloves to pick up the bigger pieces of glass. Place them in a newspaper which you can fold up and secure. To clear the remaining glass in the area, use your vacuum and dispose of it immediately into a doubled-up plastic bag.If your home was built after 1989 then it is likely you will have safety glass installed in your windows and doors. There are two common types of safety glass. Toughened glass will break into many small blunt chunks. These are unlikely to cut or injure you; however, we would still recommend you wear protective gloves and remain extremely cautious. You can use a broom and dustpan to sweep these pieces up and dispose of them into a doubled-up plastic bag. Vacuum the area once cleared to ensure there are no extra hidden pieces that can come out to harm you or your family at a later date.The other type of safety glass is a laminated glass. Laminated glass is comprised of two pieces of glass adhered to an interlayer in the middle of them. When laminated glass breaks the glass adheres to the interlayer and cracks in a spider-web like pattern. This is the most simple glass to clean and clear, and we recommend vacuuming the area to make certain there are no extra pieces waiting to harm anyone.
  2. Secure the Window or Door Area – The next process is to temporarily cover the broken window or door opening. This is essential for safety reasons and to increase the security of your home. If the window is just cracked, you can apply a robust tape to both the inside and outside of the window or door. If there is a hole in the damaged window or door, you can secure it with either a heavy duty bin bag or large piece of cardboard. You will be required to fold or cut it to size and secure it with sturdy tape. This will provide a temporary solution until J & J Glass and Aluminium’s glaziers can visit the site and organise an emergency glass replacement for you.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Provider – Find out if your emergency glass replacement is covered by your home insurance policy, especially if it was a result of a break-in or of an act of nature. Your insurance provider may have individual requirements for you to file a claim.

Contact J & J Glass and Aluminium – Finally, contact the expert glazier near you who will be able to inspect and provide an emergency glass replacement service.

Our expert team of glaziers in Auburn will be able to provide recommendations backed by years of experience on the most appropriate type of glass for your home and family. You may also want to consider replacing other windows and doors in your home now if they do not meet the current Australian safety standards. J & J Glass and Aluminium will be able to advise you on this subject.

Why choose J & J Glass and Aluminium for your glass repairs in Auburn?

Trust the specialists at J & J Glass and Aluminium to find the solution to your broken and damaged glass problems, no matter the size or level of difficulty.

We have a responsibility to provide our customers with high-quality services and products. We will arrive within the hour to fix your glass issues, and we won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with the service we have provided!

By choosing to use our glass repair services in Auburn, you get the following benefits:

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✔Professional and Licensed Tradesmen

✔ Compliance with Australian Standard AS1288

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