Pool Fences

J & J Glass and Aluminium offers a comprehensive line of glass products and services that are manufactured to the highest standard.

Pool Fences

J & J Glass and Aluminium offers a comprehensive line of glass products and services that are manufactured to the highest standard.

Our glass pool fence products

With a professional team and a wide range of fence types to choose from, J & J Glass and Aluminium is the ideal choice for all your pool fencing application needs. Our business installs and furnishes high-quality fences and balustrades on the market across Greater Sydney. Our products are of the highest grade, ensuring the safety, beauty, and longevity in our designs and installations. Contact J & J Glass and Aluminium to find out more information.

All fencing solutions that J & J Glass and Aluminium provide are of the highest quality. Our experienced installers have the required expertise to perform installations to the highest standard. Our products and services include glass pool fences, aluminium fencing, frameless fencing, and semi frameless fencing, among many other types of fencing for your pools in Sydney. Whether you need fencing for domestic or commercial applications, our team will suggest and deliver the best option for your needs.

Frameless glass

Looking for the best quality glass for your pool fence? J & J Glass and Aluminium offer stylish frameless and semi frameless pool fencing in Sydney. With aluminium posts between the glass panels to ensure minimal interference, frameless glass pool fences have become a more popular choice for Sydney homes. They also provide a safe option, possessing the durability and strength to handle a large amount of pressure and withstand accidents.

Frameless pool fencing demonstrates a modern, contemporary look, adding a specific appeal to any setting. The aluminium posts do not decompose or rust over time, are strong and do not degrade, ensuring the aesthetics of the fence will remain intact. This makes your pool fence look amazing around the swimming pool, as well as for other outdoor entertainment areas. Installation is also simple, as our expert team from J & J Glass and Aluminium can use the panels to be directly fitted into a concrete or timber deck without any major changes needed to existing surroundings.

Semi Frameless Glass

Semi-frameless glass is one of the most common offerings for swimming pool fences that the Sydney glass and aluminium experts can install. Our semi frameless glass pool fences ensure a solid, long-lasting placement that won’t ruin the beauty of your pool’s surroundings.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing is a particularly perfect option due to its affordability and safety. The aluminium posts are heavy and secure, providing enough support to prevent glass from cracking and withstand pressure. Panels are held by spigots that can be fixed to either the concrete or the wall for support, helping to make the fence stronger and longer-lasting.

Channel Glass

Channel glass offers a perfect glazing solution to concealing pool fence fixings, allowing for a relentless view. If you have a swimming pool or other outdoor entertaining area, this material allows you to have an uninhibited view of your pool surroundings

At J & J Glass and Aluminium, we use the best quality, premium-grade toughened glass, designed specifically for pool fencing. The end result will leave you satisfied, as the glass appears to emerge from the deck or concrete itself, offering a full view of your backyard and swimming pool.

J & J Glass and Aluminium can provide Sydney home-owners this high-quality method of frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing. Our team of expert glaziers have years of experience in the industry and are ready to help you with your specific fencing requirements. J & J Glass and Aluminium’s rates are affordable, our materials are top quality, and our workmanship is superb, making us one of Sydney’s finest names in glass pool fencing.

J & J Glass and Aluminium Are the Experienced Glaziers

The team members at J & J Glass and Aluminium have years of experience in installing high-quality pool fences. From frameless glass fencing to glass channel installation, we have serviced many happy customers in Sydney over the years. We ensure we can be relied upon to provide a satisfying result.

Our professional glaziers will come to inspect and measure the surroundings of your pool to ensure an efficient and smooth process from the very start. Our business has designed our services to fit all budgets, making us Sydney’s first pick for top-grade aluminium and glass pool fencing. We comply with the Australian Standard AS1288 regarding four-sided pool fencing as per the Building code of Australia, and ensure the protection of whoever will be enjoying the relaxation and entertainment that your pool will provide.

Types of glass

Ordinary float glass

The standard glass you’ll see in most homes and commercial properties, and what modern windows are made of. It’s known for its flatness and simplicity.

Toughened glass

Commonly used in glass repair work, its main reason is used in most homes and commercial properties are its safety and strength. If the toughened glass is broken, the glass shatters into many smaller pieces.

Laminated glass

Commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern. If the glass is somehow broken, the shards remain stuck to the inner layer rather then shattering and causing potential injury.


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