How Much Does A Shower Screen Cost?

Shower screens can range in price depending on style and size. J & J Glass and Aluminium will find the perfect shower screen to suit you.

Ranging from $200 to over $1000, there are shower screens that can suit every budget. The price can vary depending on many factors, plus there might be additional costs worth considering – like installation or additional labour which could also vary by which company you choose to install it. At J & J Glass and Aluminium, we will find that right shower screen for your needs that will suit both your aesthetic and budget.


How much do shower screens cost?


In Australia, shower screen costs begin at around $200 and can be as expensive as $1,000 or even higher. The shower screen price depends on a number of factors, such as type of shower screen, size and the materials it is made of. Other costs that have to be considered include shower screen installation costs and even a potential removal cost if the new shower screen is replacing an existing one.


What is a shower screen?


A shower screen is a glass panel – or a combination of panels – that encloses the shower area, making certain that the rest of the bathroom space will remain dry when taking a shower. Depending on the type of screen, as well as both layout and size of the bathroom, the shower can be completely or partially enclosed.


What materials are shower screens made from?


The materials selected for use in the manufacturing process will affect the overall price of the shower screen. High-quality and locally sourced materials might come at a higher cost, however, this will result in a shower screen that is durable and long-lasting, making the money spent worth your while.




When it comes to paneling, shower screens in Australia are made out of Grade A safety glass in line with AS/NZS 2208-1996, outlining requirements for the safety of glazing materials in buildings and AS 1288:1994 outlining the requirements for the selection and installation of glass in buildings.

Toughened glass is the most popular safety glass used for shower screens in Sydney. This particular type of glass is created through a process of rapid application of heat and cold temperatures. The process not only strengthens the glass, but also enables toughened glass to break in an increasingly safer way. If a toughened glass panel breaks, it disintegrates into small chunks that aren’t as sharp and dangerous as shards of ordinary glass, which makes it the most appropriate and safest choice for high-use areas like your bathroom.

Laminated glass is another choice for shower screen materials. Made up of two sheets of glass, laminated glass is designed to work at its optimal level in a fully-framed shower screen set-up.

The cost of the shower screen will depend on the type and design of the glass. While the standard clear glass is cheapest option, low-iron glass which lacks the green tint of the standard glass will be more of a step-up. Similarly, frosted shower screens – or textured and sandblasted glass – can not only increase the cost, but also the level of privacy you are enabled in your bathroom.

Another consideration when it comes to the cost of your shower screen is the thickness of the glass panel. While in Sydney the minimum thickness of glass will be 5 and 6mm for fully framed and partly framed shower screens respectively, and 10mm for a frameless screen, the choice is on safety profile and preference – and will affect the overall cost of the final product that you receive.


Other Materials


While the screen panels are generally manufactured with safety glass, there are other materials utilised in the manufacturing of the shower screen elements such as frames, pivots, brackets, hinges and pins. Here, the quality of the materials matters just as much as the screen, as high-quality materials can dramatically minimise a need for repairs or replacements that often take quite a toll on your time and money.

Some of the high quality materials that can be used for these elements include high quality aluminium for elements like hinges, high quality forged brass – rather than cheaper alternatives like honeycomb or plastic brass – for the clamp system or stainless steel. Similarly, while zinc might be an appropriate choice for tapware, it can’t handle the same pressure as brass and may erode if not treated correctly. Due to this, high-quality shower screens will usually feature brass brackets with stainless fixings as they’re more robust and durable – an essential consideration for an environment that’s wet and humid for the majority of the time.


Why use J & J Glass and Aluminium for your Shower Screen Installation?


While some shower screen installation projects may seem straight-forward and easy to undertake, it is generally best to hire J & J Glass and Aluminium – even if it increases the overall cost of the shower screen. Some of the main reasons for hiring a J & J Glass and Aluminium are durability, safety and aesthetic of the overall design:

  • The handling of a glass screen can be a dangerous task, so it is best left to the expert team at J & J Glass and Aluminium as we are familiar with the way in which glass behaves, and the ways that glass is combatted to ensure safety.
  • As the bathroom is an environment exposed to moisture and water, the quality of sealing, waterproofing, finish and choice of materials is paramount in ensuring the longevity of the product you are purchasing.
  • We have the ability to not only install the shower screen, but to do it in an aesthetically pleasing way that meets your specific project requirements.


Its integral to hire an individual or team that is qualified and experienced, and will deliver the desired outcome with no hesitation. J & J Glass and Aluminium meet this criteria, and we are happy to chat through any ideas or concerns you may have with your current bathroom. Contact us today.

Some of the best practices to follow when employing a shower screen installer is to:

  • Check their previous work
  • Check if they have adequate insurance
  • Check qualifications and applicable licenses of the tradesmen
  • Request a written quote with information on the duration of the project

Some other practices to undertake include looking at testimonials, reviews and follow up on their references to get first-hand confirmation that they are indeed the perfect person to employ for the job.


How much will my shower screen installation cost?


The cost of a shower screen installation is dependant on whether a new shower screen is being installed, the size of the shower screen and what type it is. While installations do not vary much across Sydney and Australia as a whole, locations will force them to differ from around $45 to $65 an hour roughly. Depending on the specific task, shower screen installations in Sydney (excluding the product itself), will normally cost you around $200 to $600.


What other costs do I need to consider when getting a new shower screen?


There are some other costs that are associated with a shower screen installation that may be worth considering when embarking on a shower screen installation project.

In order to receive a new shower screen, an old one may need to be replaced. Usually, removal costs will be completed separately so it is important to discuss them before commencing your project.

In terms of labour, a builder or glazier will install the shower screen. Labour costs need to be calculated accordingly.

Remember to be careful to take good care of the screen once it is installed. Repairs can prove to be expensive and replacements can also hurt financially.


Current trends for shower screens


With screens often being a necessity in any household, and new styles growing in popularity, there is a wide variety of products on the current market that you can choose from. J & J Glass and Aluminium, the Sydney glass and aluminium experts, can provide insight into the current shower screen trends that are dominating the Australian, and indeed Sydney market.


Trend 1 – Curtains are out, screens are in


Quickly becoming a distant memory of the past, shower curtains are not as good at containing water within the shower area. They are often extremely hard to clean, and require a lot of consideration when it comes to making them work aesthetically within the wider space of the overall bathroom. Shower screens are much better at keeping the space dry from unwanted moisture and water, as well as look much more sleek and stylish when considering the broader appeal of the bathroom.


Trend 2 – Fully frameless shower screens


Simple, minimalistic and sleek appearance of fully frameless shower screens assist in creating a great flow in the bathroom. Frameless shower screens are much easier to clean, as well as easier to install as they can be cut to the specific size needed. This eliminates any issues that could arise with installing complicated fixtures such as framed doors.


Trend 3 – Metallic hardware


Very much on trend in the current market, incorporating bronze, gunmetal and copper hardware can help to create a cohesive look, as well introduce increased character and personality into the bathroom space. match these with tapware and other metal elements around the bathroom and your space will be worthy of an award.


Trend 4 – Curved Shower Screens


Often utilised to soften harsh lines within the bathroom, introducing a curvy element into the space can help to create a more cohesive and interesting look. If you have other arches within the space, the curvature of the shower screen will compliment this perfectly.


Trend 5 – Black Outlines


If you have opted for the framed shower screen, why not make it pop a little? A popular choice amongst Sydney residents is the black outline on framed screens. The coloured definition across the edge of the glass panel can give your bathroom more character and highlight the geometry of the space. Whilst black is the most common choice for this trend, a similar effect can be achieved with other bold colours.