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What are Double Glazed Windows and How Do They Work?

Bankstown residents are installing double glazed windows as it comes with many outstanding benefits. Double glazed windows are able to provide the efficiency to your Bankstown home by having two panes of glass instead of one. The two pieces of glass are separated by a thin air gap of at least 11-12mm. The gap is normally sealed and acts as a break between the inside and outside pieces of glass. Normally, this space is often filled with argon gas to provide stronger insulation. This is a nontoxic, odourless gas that is considered a poor heat conductor compared to regular air, making it better at insulating. This type of glaze would work perfectly in a Bankstown household due to its insulating. Double glazed windows are high quality and reduce your heat loss or gain by 30% which works perfectly for hot or cold areas when living in Bankstown. 

What are the Benefits for Double Glazed Windows?

The main obvious benefit and the real reason why customers buy double glazed windows from J & J Glass and Aluminium is the increased thermal efficiency. This means it’s a lot easier to maintain the temperature inside your Bankstown property. Other benefits include:

Increased Insulation

Double glazed windows are properly designed to increase insulations up to 40%. Insulated Sealed Units when two panes of glass, various tints, argon gas and coatings provide the insulation which then prevents direct contact between indoor and outdoor air. The rising increase of insulation in a double glazed window cuts heat exchange around 45-50%. This indicates that during winter the air stays warm inside your property or during the summer it stays outside, protecting the Bankstown homeowner from rising and dropping temperatures inside their home. 

Heightened Security

Double glazed windows are a lot safer than single glazed windows. The two panes of glass have an internal beading for added security which can strengthen and prevent unwanted access into your property. At J & J Glass and Aluminium, our double glazed windows that our team installs come in uPVC frames. uPVC frames are generally strong and hold all of the joints in the window frame stronger than ever. This is to make sure nobody is breaking through it.

Lower Energy Bills

Because of the insulation abilities, installing a double glazed window in your Bankstown home will lower your energy bills. As it keeps cool during summer and the loss of heat throughout winter, they allow air conditioners to work less and still maintain the building at a comfortable temperature.

Boost Property Value

Installing double glazed windows actually increases the property value of your home or building. This is because they boost security and make the property more energy-efficient. They also add more value to the property due to protecting the interior of your Bankstown home. UV rays come through any window that receives direct sunshine. These harmful rays damage furniture and fade carpets, as well as wallpaper and paint. The two panes of glass combined with special coatings as standard in double glazed windows are able to filter out many UV rays and keep the interior decorations looking nice for a longer time. 

What’s the Difference Between a Single Glazed and Double Glazed Window?

Single Glazed Window

A single glazed window is only made up with one pane of glass. These windows are considered inefficient and are the least energy-efficient because a single layer of glass does not provide homes with many protections and differs in temperature. Single glazed windows make it hard to control the temperature in your Bankstown property. 

Double Glazed Window

Double glazed windows use two panes of glass with a vacuumed air gap between them which creates an insulated barrier. Double glazed glass is normally tinted or laminated.

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