Window Glazing in Homebush

J & J Glass and Aluminium are here to increase safety and energy-efficiency with window glazing in Homebush.

Window Glazing in Homebush

J & J Glass and Aluminium are here to increase energy-efficiency with window glazing in Homebush. Window glazing is the glass inside of a window, which can be single, double, or triple glazed. Window glazing can also refer to the putty that holds the glass in place, or the process of installing the window glaze using the putty. If you’re living in Homebush and in desperate need of installing a window glazier, J & J Glass and Aluminium can provide that service for you.

Types of Window Glazing J & J Glass and Aluminium do in Homebush

Some of the more common types of window glazing include single glaze, double glaze, triple glaze, and low-E glaze.

Single Glaze

A single glaze is when a window contains a single sheet of glass. These windows are considered inefficient and are the least energy-efficient because a single layer of glass does provide homes with many protections and differs in temperature. Single glazed windows make it hard to control the temperature in your Homebush property. Storm windows may be used with single glazed windows to provide an extra layer of insulation between the window and the outdoors. If you are after the installation or repair of single glazed windows inside your Homebush home or business, contact J & J Glass and Aluminium today.

Double Glaze

A double glazed window contains two sheets of glass that have an equal space between them. Normally, this space is often filled with argon gas to provide stronger insulation. This is a nontoxic, odourless gas that is considered a poor heat conductor compared to regular air, making it better at insulating. This type of glaze would work perfectly in a Homebush household due to its insulating as well as many homeowners use this glazing encountered in their home windows. 

Triple Glaze

Triple glaze or triple pane windows contain three sheets of glass with argon gas between them. This type of window offers the best insulation, but it is also more expensive than other options. It is often found in colder climates that need extra insulation.

Low-E Glaze

Low-emissivity glaze or (low-E glaze) is a type of glass that is coated in an invisible layer of metallic oxide that stops heat from passing through the glass by reflecting ultraviolet rays back to the atmosphere. Low-E glaze can be used on double or triple glazed windows to increase their energy efficiency without making the actual window more heavy than it actually is. However, windows that do have low-E glazed cost a lot more than their other non-coated counterparts. Low-E glaze can protect the home’s occupants from ultraviolet rays, although it does allow visible sunlight to make its way in and brighten the room because the glaze is invisible. Its UV protection also means that furniture and artwork are less vulnerable to fading.

Glazing Compound

Glazing compound is a putty used to hold pieces of glass into place in older window sashes. This compound can enhance the energy efficiency of older windows by stopping drafts from passing through and sealing the space between the glass and the sash. It is not used in modern windows. Glazing compound can last for decades depending on the quality of the installation work and the putty itself. When the glaze starts to crack and fall off, it is time for the glazing putty to be replaced. Windows that are functioning poorly can be reglazed to help prevent heat loss in the home. If glass in your window has been damaged or cracked, it is best to fix it as quickly as possible by having it reglazed. Reglazing also allows older homes to retain their character by avoiding the need for a full replacement.

What the advantages of Window Glazing at J & J Glass and Aluminium

The most obvious benefit of double glazed windows is the increased thermal efficiency. This means it is easier to maintain the temperature inside your house. This is important if you use air conditioners or central heating or cooling systems. 

Other benefits include:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable with low maintenance
  • Less condensation on your windows
  • Increases the value of your house
  • Reduces outdoor noise

How does J & J Glass and Aluminium arrange the installation of a Double Glazed window in Homebush?

Double glazed windows help keep the heat in or out of the customer’s household, as well as reducing external noise. They are efficient in both colder climates and when you’re using the air conditioning. However their effectiveness can vary based on how they were installed, what types of windows and frames used and the climate in the area. Installing a double glazed window is best when your Homebush home is being built or renovated. Removing or installing windows is a messy job and should not be a D.I.Y. project. You also need to consider the re-plastering, redecorating, and refitting of your blinds and curtains. Also take additional care if some windows are built into load bearing walls. J & J Glass and Aluminium team can provide a professional installer to arrange a site meeting and to discuss the best options for your household in Homebush.

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